About us

I have always been interested in colour. It's ability to inspire, run deep into emotion and delight fascinates me. When I started a family, I started making some of our own clothes and grew a strong connection to the base materials, exploring the relationship between colour and fibre to produce a garment.

I aim to produce distinctive and inspiring colourways that are beautiful to spin. I am inspired by the world around me and embed that inspiration into my designs.

Each braid of top is individually hand painted which means that each one is unique. Each spin will be new experience producing a unique and beautiful yarn.

I really want you to be excited for your next project and have fun while doing it, I can't wait to see the kinds of things you make.

Thanks for stopping by,

Monica holds some wool in front of some seaside daisies. She is smiling at you.

Monica - Owner, Spinning Top Fibre